Acai Burn Extreme Testimonial – Craig’s Story

Craig was more then a hundred pounds overweight. Needless to say he couldn’t do much of anything, and he absolutely hated his appearance. His self esteem was very low.

While he was reading he came across an ad for Acai Burn Extreme. It said that for extreme weight loss this was the quickest way to go.

He read about the Antioxidants6, Amino Acids, and other ingredients in the berry. It was said that in addition to weight loss it would improve his mental outlook, lower his blood pressure, also it would help regulate his blood sugar which he was really having problems with. So he ordered it.

When he received the Acai Burn Extreme, he started taking it immediately, the literature which came with it informed him he would lose weight much quicker if he watched his diet and exercised, but he didn’t want to do that. He took Acai without excising.

After a few weeks, Craig started feeling better; more like he wanted to do things. He stepped on the scale and saw he had lost 14 pounds in almost three weeks without doing anything. He pondered what would happen if he actually went on a diet and excised like the pamphlet said.

To make a long story short Craig did start watching his diet, he didn’t do anything special just cut out salt, watched his carbs, and ate more fruits and vegetables. He exercised by walking, first just up the block, the around the block, soon he was walking a mile a day.

When I saw Craig last, he had lost almost 50 pounds and was on the downhill spiral. He told me his blood pressure was better, so was his sugar. His mood swings were gone all because of the Acai Burn Extreme.

When he lost the last of his weight he is going on a singles cruise. He’s ready to find Mrs. Right.

Joshua Perry

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