All About Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are often used in almost every manufacturing companies, industries these days. Usage of circuit breakers has become more rapid in the year 1994. As of the report stated by the Electricity commission it has been clearly stated that people got more aware of the power fluctuation problems and these days they are planning in modern ways to reduce the short circuits. Short circuit is a fluctuation or damage in the wires inside the junction boxes which is characterized by deep fire bursts or may even lead to severe disasters in big industries. These short circuits can be prevented by modernized circuit breakers. Circuit breakers acts as a disjunction between the wires, this stops the collision medially within the wires. They are very much effective in stopping the fluctuation as these breakers have scientifically proved their efficiency.
Circuit breakers are often called as MCB’S which means Miniature circuit breakers. By the usage of MCB’S powerful shocks and heavy eruptions which are caused due to power fluctuations can be prevented.
Operating the MCB:Usage of MCB is automated does not involve any other external source. These breakers are designed according to the voltage variability and the type of technology which is useful for everyone. Smaller MCB’S contain breaker enclosure which is a box like thing in which the circuits are present. The mechanism involved in the Breaker enclosure is same as in the enclosures which are used for large voltages. Usually breaker enclosures are used for Small voltages.
In the large scale industries which have excess power the breakers are basically made with “Relays” or other wise called as Pilot devices. The pilot devices are often used for detecting the fault condition and helps in the opening of Trip. The Trip mechanism or opening of the trip is major step in Circuit breaking. A solenoid is generally used as the Trip. Solenoid means a wire which acts as magnetic insulator. This solenoid has a twisted shape this is done because; as the wire is folded in ring like structure the flow will be in linear motion. The main role of the solenoid is to produce a magnetic field when a power or current supply is passed through it. Once a false condition is identified then the breaker must involve disjoining the circuits so as to control the excess fluctuation problems. Almost in all the breakers the devices that are used for disjoining or interrupting the power flow in the circuits are springs, packed air etc.
Used Breakers: As the work done by the breakers is really a big one, their price is also very high in the market. People usually think that used ones don’t give more life as compared to new ones but price efficiency plays major task. Used breakers are available in the web market online, buying a New Single Pole MCB costs $ 25 where as a used one costs $ 10 here you save almost $ 15 by taking a Used circuit breaker. In most of the cases customers prefer to buy a new one. The main advantage is if u want to replace only one breaker this can be possible by taking used one, in the case of new breaker the whole panel should be taken for changing the single breaker

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