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Temecula Wine Tasting

What type of wine goes well with a big, red juicy steak? We all know that red wine is usually considered the best candidate. In looking to choose the best red for your next meal, visiting a wine tasting will certainly help you narrow down your choices. In the city of Temecula, California, Californians and … Continue reading

Wine Business

Invent a trendy idea: the wine club Forget the old course to taste the wine. Today to thoroughly enjoy the taste, is real club. The Baglioni Wine Club in Milan is a new point of reference for those who want to deepen the culture of wine. “Themed events, a comparison with other enthusiasts, the constant … Continue reading

Latest Woot Wine auctions

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Grape Wines

Diverse Drinks: Red vs. White Grape Wines Grapes wines are known for their long record with human kind. From the ancient Greeks who wrote great epics centered about wine, to the wine-loving French that mysteriously never gain pounds even when their diet is full of saturated fat. And the list of the varieties of such … Continue reading

White Wine Making

White Wines vs. Red Wines: Do you know All the Differences? You don’t need me to tell you that the difference between red wines and white wines is the color. But I’m sure that I can mention a few facts about wines that you didn’t know. For example, did you know that many white wines … Continue reading