Jenny Craig Diet – The Three Level Food Mind Body Plan That Helps People Lose Weight

The Jenny Craig method is a three-tier “food-mind-body” plan intended to facilitate weight loss and kiss those extra pounds goodbye. It merges the following elements: pre-packaged meals, nutrition analysis, group support coupled with physical exercises. There are different stages of participation that are introduced by this program. Each of these stages is intended to help the dieter shed pounds while building the skills required for the maintenance of weight loss in the long run.

Healthy options are available through Jenny Craig. Those who follow this program are advised to stay away from foods that have soaring levels of fat and calories. Dieters who follow the Jenny Craig diet may complement the prohibited foods with salads, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products as these provide important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and protein.

There may be an assumption that because this program offers its followers pre-packaged foods, there are some foods that are not allowed to be eaten. This is a frequent misconception. It does not overtly prohibit the ingestion of anything. Instead, the plan promotes moderate intake of specific foods. In addition, because the pre-packaged foods are not processed, the probability of a person taking this diet will absorb extra calories is lessened.

Like any other diet program, this plan has some advantages and disadvantages:


•The Jenny Craig Centers can provide you with the support you need while you are on the diet
•You are assured that the meals you will be taking are well-balanced
•The meals that you will be taking will be based on your personal scientific information.


•The meals are prepackaged and no matter what they say about being healthy and suitable to your personal needs, there are high chances that they are processed
•Since it is based on calories, there is not much pliability on caloric intake
•It is very pricey as it would cost you one hundred twenty-five dollars a week

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