shipping help!!?

Question by Conner: shipping help!!?
I bought my brother a new windows 7 OS for his birthday tomorrow, so yesterday 7/1/13, I did next business day shipping, around 1:00 pm. I did not receive my invoice number until about an hour ago. 2:00 pm. 7/2/13. But i received my shipment tracking number today as well…so does this mean that my “next day” is actually a 2 day shipping? and the package will come the day AFTER my invoice is finalized?

In short, i bought a package on with next day shipping, the Invoice wasnt completed until the next day, when will my package arrive?

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Answer by Andy L.
Newegg is actually pretty good. They have 3 warehouse locations in California, New Jersey and Tennessee. When you order an item, they need to process the order internally, package it for shipping at one of the warehouses, printing the label and getting a tracking number from the shipping company, get it to the shipping company and that then causes the invoice to print, and the shipping company delivers it.

Now, the order process to getting it to the shipping company is either same day or next day in most cases. That is fast. Then the shipping company has it and that is the NEXT DAY shipping method.
You can use the tracking number and see a scheduled delivery.
Ordered at 1PM, to the time the invoice went out for for the shipping company to get it.

The processing of an order for shipment and actual shipping time are separate.

I ordered my laptop from Newegg, and without premium received it next day by end of day.
The reason is that I am in Las Vegas and their warehouse is close in California.
I ordered it in the morning, was shipped out that day, and UPS delivered it the next day.
Ordered the 1st, out on the 2nd, delivered on the 3rd is next day shipping.

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