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January 24, “China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Development Forum” held in Beijing.

“China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Economic Development Forum” is the central economic work conference was convened and the ministries of Land and Resources jointly issued “Circular on Further development of mineral resources to promote integration of notice” and “on an integrated approach to the mining of refractory clay, fluorite and production control “against the backdrop of the big. The “Forum” aims to enhance the total mineral resources in China, one of three major blocks non-metallic mineral (metals, energy and other mineral resources) in the national economy status; proof non-metallic mineral industries in the current economic situation of the country’s overall development direction, policy-oriented; raise the industry’s self-reinforcing system of ideas and innovative models.

According to insiders, is currently China is the world exploration showed that the more abundant non-metallic mineral resources of one of the countries, its features are: varieties, large reserves. In the current non-metallic minerals have been proven, the flake graphite, fluorite, bauxite, magnesite, coal kaolin, wollastonite, bentonite, talc and quartz and other 9 kinds of non-metallic mineral resources reserves in the world First, the superior resource endowments, production and export volume ranks the world. These mineral resources in China, though small, is much greater, but in other countries; in our country seems inexhaustible, to other countries is scarce rare. To this end, we can not neglect our own advantages minerals management, only to be satisfied with low levels of raw materials export. But should be put in the international market occupies an important position, “small and special”, “small but important” non-metallic mineral resources, as soon as possible into the national direct management’s attention.

As one of the conference organizers for Public Economics Management Research Center of Peking University economist, has done a comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic developments in the country, and on how to enhance the economic value of non-metallic mineral industries, as well as how to deal with the crisis to promote the industrial structure optimization and upgrading, development of new non-metallic mineral resources, strategic issues of the excellent presentation; non-metallic mineral senior experts to give on how to strengthen the management of non-metallic mineral resources, how to establish an independent non-metallic mineral industrial system, establish a strict market access conditions issues in-depth discussion; right of private enterprises in technological innovation and personnel training, etc. How to play a dominant role for a bold statement; from non-metallic mineral experts in different fields and entrepreneurs around the world market also has an important position in China’s major non-metallic minerals, such as fluorite, alumina clay, bentonite, talc, clay minerals, wollastonite development and utilization of technology, equipment innovation and brand building is done and a special report.

Zhan Zhang, chairman of the “will we be prepared?” Eye-catching title issued to the industry, “Opportunities are there to prepare a non-metallic mineral industries” call. Participants were published on China’s macro economic development of non-metallic mineral policy proposals and reform initiatives, the proposed large-scale corporate restructuring, independent innovation and product development insights Fine established the non-metallic mineral industries will be included in a resource-saving, environment friendly, energy-saving emission reduction, recycling and economic content of the overall national development strategies around the non-metallic mineral resources in the low-carbon economic development, the prominent position of the three new (new energy, new materials, new resources), two low (low-emission, low energy consumption) is a new concept, the world economy to the non-metallic minerals industry, the development of every link.

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