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The coming patch 4.2 means that there will be new raids, new quests, and new stuff. That’s why more players want to know the information of 4.2. Players always desire to get some brand new experience and fresh feelings. Wow gold has experienced a pretty limited quantity of legendary items more than the years. There are over 800 new items in this patch alone. If you know more about the patch items, you can benefit more in world of warcraft.

So far we’ve seen some tier set names, including Immolation for paladins and Elementium Dragon for death knights; the warrior set has molten giant faces on the shoulders. Several mounts, like the new BoA epic horse and wolf to go along with your Warbringer title.

Item names that may indicate different color gear depending on your spec. Item level 363 crafted weapons and 378 crafted gear. The return of Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. A 36-slot gem bag (as well as inscription and mining versions)!

Rest assured that 4.2 are going to be a very big patch in terms of gear overhaul.  Drop locations have been confirmed for most items but there are still strays out there, for example there are heroic item level versions of reputation gear that is somewhat unknown.  Those items might not be in the game so they need to be watched.  If you see an item on the site with “Patch 4.2” under the location then it’s safe to say it will be examined because the goal is to have a confirmed source for all items.

Patch 4.2 will bring players a whole new series of daily quests. This is content you can enjoy solo at your own pace, without being forced to group up with 24 of your closest friends. Well, Patch 4.2 this greedy, money-making exercise will stop. Blizzard online community manager Lylirra stated BoE items won via the “Need” roll will come to be soulbound, which will discourage game enthusiasts from hoarding items for profit.

Every wow player wants to get their character better than others in wow patch 4.2, and since we have talked wow 4.1 too much, now we should study the new patch 4.2. To enjoy more and get more funny things in world of warcraft, the item is the key point. So we have to know more about wow patch 4.2 items.

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