Stars Confidential News: Celebrities Saving You Money With Deal of the Day Sites

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) November 15, 2009

Even celebrities understand that being on a budget during the holiday season may make gift shopping challenging, but there are some “deal of the day” sites that offer great value for the money, if you just know where to look. This holiday season everyone is looking for a deal from celebrity A-Listers to parents are looking to satisfy their kids who are buying the Miley Cyrus’ see through lockets, Kristen Stewart, Twlight Saga New Moon or people being like Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt sending each other Gurkha Cigars. There is a site with a deal for every type of holiday buyer. “We have been approached to market products even from growing international stars such as: Panjabi MC, Donna Feldman (Howie Mandel’s: Deal or No Deal #22), Chinese Recording Artist Ayi Jihu with several million fans worldwide to Niki Ghazian star of the Lingerie Football League. This season is gonna be filled with discount sites selling essentials to star endorsed products at major discounts. Sites like have paved the way for exclusive products at insanely low prices,” says Richard Victor Mahee, Stars Confidential. ( credits collective buying power with their ability to consistently turn out deeply discounted daily deals. Items included are a grab bag from tech items, to products for the home, to toys, to oddball kitschy products. Recent Dillyeo deals have included remote control airplanes, luxury bed seehts, food processors, HDTVs, memory foam pillows, and computers. The site provides price comparisons at other well-known merchants to show the comparable value. Members can chat in real time about the daily deal and can vote whether or not they feel it’s worth buying. ( is perhaps the most well-known of the daily deal sites, offering one deal a day until it sells out. Items are also fairly diverse, with an emphasis on electronics, appliances, and male-centric gadgets. Woot has sub-sites for a daily deal on kids items, wines, and shirts, as well as a “sellout” site that’s featured daily on Yahoo. Woot has its own unique culture, with snarky product descriptions, grab-bag “Bags of Cr–“, screaming monkeys, and the occasional around-the-clock Woot Off event (complete with its own theme song). Log in earlier in the day, because popular items sell out early. (“Yours Until Gone”) ( is another similar daily deal site. New items are posted daily and include a watch deal plus another item primarily in the electronics category, with the occasional jewelry or gadget item. Price comparisons of similar items are offered (although they may not be for the exact item). The site also does occasional Yugdowns similar to the Woot Off where new items are put up around the clock as one sells out. ( is a new site launching this week right ahead of the holiday season. The site is focused on selling mobile device covers with wallet inserts at up to 50 percent off the traditional cover price.

There are a growing number of daily deal sites like these and monitoring each site’s daily deals can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are some useful aggregator sites that help shoppers see all deals in one place, including, which displays daily deals from across the internet with updates when the items go out of stock, and, provides their own price comparison for the daily deals and also offers its members cash back for some daily deal purchases.

Deal of the day sites may not let you plan your purchases in advance, because you never know what will be offered, but they do offer great savings on the items they sell. With patience and luck, you may find the ideal gift at savings of half off or more. (Source:


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