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Is Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training Program Right For You?

Craig Ballantyne is a fitness expert; he’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist, who has a solid following on the web. Craig exposes the myths and wives tales we’ve all come to believe about fitness training and strength conditioning workouts. His book and course Turbulence Training is a must for anyone, male or female who … Continue reading

Craig Ballantyne’s First Ever “TwitterView”

I hope you were able to catch my live “TwitterView” with fitness expert Craig Ballantyne.  It was Craig’s first ever interview using Twitter – and it was awesome!  Craig revealed some of his best fitness and nutrition secrets in short and to-the-point posts.  For those of you that don’t know, a “TwitterView” is simply an … Continue reading

Gary Craig – EFT Founder is a Hero Around the World

Hundreds of thousands of people have found help for their long standing, mental, emotional, and physical problems with the Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT. As hard as it is to believe, this all has come about because of one man – Gary Craig. EFT is his creation, and it’s been a real gift … Continue reading

Plein Air Workshop with Valerie Craig

Plein Air Workshop with Valerie Craig Event on 2017-10-27 09:00:00 Capture the beauty of autumn light on canvas while painting in a quaint historic village. This course will emphasize simplification and organization of shapes, use of color temperature, atmospheric perspective and the benefits of painting on location. Students will learn what to select and what … Continue reading

A Evaluation of the Zone Diet plan and Jenny Craig Fat Reduction Programs

There are too numerous deal breakers about the Zone diet program and Jenny Craig applications. In this report we are going to examine these techniques for what is essential and how significantly of an result that this has on you. The Zone Diet program is produced from the forty/30/thirty concept. This indicates that 40% of … Continue reading