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Latest Circuit City News

Bodie Stegelmann: Republican candidate for Elkhart County Circuit Court judge … Pence; elected judge of Goshen City Court in 2015 municipal elections. Why are you seeking office? I seek the office of Circuit Court judge to serve Elkhart County as a judge on a full-time basis. While practicing law, I felt a call to serve … Continue reading

Latest Cnn News

Tearful North Korean waitresses: Our 'defector' colleagues were tricked The seven waitresses, presented exclusively to a CNN team in Pyongyang on Monday, are workers from the same Ningbo restaurant, who have since returned to North Korea. This is the first time they have spoken publicly. They claim the restaurant manager … Read more on CNN FREE … Continue reading

Latest Woot News

Woot–Woot!! Continental, You Did Good! “Christmas for Kids” HISTORY!!!! Putnam County set a record for the most money EVER raised at a single “Christmas for KIds” Live Drive. In 3 hours, this morning at H&K Chevrolet Buick in Continental…donations totaled over $ 14,850.00!!! Inclusive was … Read more on Continental eNews FREE this week at our … Continue reading

Most current Woot Shirt News

Solicitor: Michael Slager indictment in Walter Scott shooting just the starting Enlarge GRACE BEAHM/Personnel Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson announces Monday morning that a Charleston County grand jury has handed down a murder indictment against former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager in the shooting death&nbsp… Go through a lot more on Charleston Publish Courier … Continue reading

Latest Overstock News

В 2015 году Overstock потратил млн на блокчейн-приложения для рынка капиталов Онлайн-ритейлер Overstock потратил в течение 2015 года $ 8 млн на реализацию инициативы по запуску системы торговли ценными бумагами на основе блокчейна. Об этом компания сообщила в письме инвесторам после публикации … Read more on http://forklog.com/ FREE this week at our overstock store: Why Amazon.com … Continue reading