Where will I purchase a VERY inexpensive computer?

Question by Osama: Where may I purchase a VERY inexpensive computer?
Ok, I have this monitor which i employ strictly for Xbox good standard just issue is the fact that there is not any sound. I know this considering the monitor just has a has an input jack for headphones. I should discover a quite inexpensive computer (just require it thus I could hear to the game’s sound) By the method I reside inside Toronto Canada.
Additionally when anybody has any additional tips please tell me

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Answer by MIMS
walmart i saw 1 inside the flyer for 250!

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  1. Amby

    the free adds

  2. Benjamin

    try a pawn shop, sometimes they’ll have a computer for just like $ 100. itll be crappy tho.

  3. Dan K

    If your looking for a computer that won’t completely crap out… one that you just need to get non-computing-intensive tasks, you can get one from deals.woot.com/sellout.

    Usually someone posts deals on computer with 1Ghz processors or whatever with a gig or two of RAM and like 80 gigs of hard drive space.. It’s a desktop, so you’ll need to get a monitor.

    If you need a laptop.. well, googleing laptop in the shopping section might work.. Try saying refurbished and stuff..

    Also, craigslist is a great place to look for cheap stuff.

  4. Matty

    custom build it with the cheapest options – i got a gaming computer with better spec than acers gaming computer (1600 GBP) for 900 GBP —- because most computer manufacturers give you a really cheap computer but then put a huge amount of RAM and a good processor which is pointless if everything else is made to be cheap..trust me custom build u could get at least 100 GBP cheaper for a same spec pc