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of red wine and Cantonese cuisine Two different styles , few people will pull them together , most recently , a Hong Kong winemaker Johnny with over 45 years into the kitchen of experience executive chef simple Ming chef wanted Patching red wine and Cantonese, Since the implementation of the free Red wine Tax, products wine atmosphere of more and more intense in Hong Kong , which can be tasted from around the world wines , the original was also dedicated to wine work . has been on red wine and even There research momo, yesterday praised China’s wine to greet customers not rude . the past More than years, in China red wine the introduction of of foreign equipment and technology , from grapes to wine process is optimized , and generally in Chaojishichang buy China red wine also reached International Rum the level of , he from time to time bought Rum to taste .

A 4 buffet wine vending machines is the most eye-catching , placed 32 bottles of in different countries red and white Rum Wine, and from time to time conversion style, so we every time come have a new try to . As long as the First purchase value-added cards to can try absorbed all the the heart water restaurant, you can also choose 25ml, 75ml and 150ml component , not afraid of waste. In addition, the bar with with wine gourmet meals license , from snacks to quantity a large main dishes are prepared , whether we would like to choose wine and then pick dishes , or make sure favorite dishes and then matching wine , and the presence of both professional Sommelier able to give advice , then the will be afraid of the wrong choice match , destroy taste buds .

Grape wine is sugar with yeast fermented from alcohol , and Port Wine at the wine is not complete before fermentation , has injected spirits , alcohol will yeast kill , so port wine keep a little sugar and , and therefore , port wine usually with a sweet . Hundreds of years ago, the British the Port Wine named Port, is along the from in northern Portugal, port Oporto the name , because the Portland Rum wine is by Porto stored and exported , but in fact port wine the true origin of in Porto nearby Douro area.


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