Why Is Jenny Craig More Pricey And Expensive Than Nutrisystem?

The other day, I received an email from someone who asked me if Jenny Craig cost more than or was more pricey expensive than Nutrisystem and if so, why? In my response, I told her that although I did do quite a bit of research when I was trying to decide which diet I would chose, my experience lies with Nutrisystem. However, because I have friends on Jenny Craig and know a bit about it, I was able to offer some theories and comparisons, which I will share in the following article.

You Have To Pay Per Pound With Jenny Craig In Addition To The Food.  This Is Not True With Nutrisystem: With Jenny, there are start up or joining costs. The company will often try to attractively package this to where it’s something like “$ 1 per pound,” or “twenty pounds for $ 20,” but no matter how you slice it, you’re still being charged to lose weight in addition to having to buy your food.

Nutrisystem Does Not Charge For The Counseling. It’s Free.:  One of the reasons that many of the representatives with Jenny will give for the diet being more expensive is that you’re receiving so much one on one support and are offered quite a bit of counseling.  This is true.  You do go to a clinic to weigh in, buy your food, and discuss any questions that you may have or hurdles that you may be facing.  And, many people very much like this type of support and are willing to pay more for it.  (Some people see this as an inconvenience that gets old after a while, though.)

But Nutrisystem does offer something similar.  While it’s true that you won’t be face to face with a counselor, you do have unlimited access to one via phone, email, or live chat.  And you aren’t charged for this. It is included when you buy your food, no matter what food or package you buy.  And, you can establish a relationship with a counselor or use whoever is available at the time.  How much you use this is up to you, but the option is there.

Jenny Represents (Although Many Don’t Agree) That Their Food Is Better And Of A Higher Quality So They Charge More For It:  The Jenny representative are very big on the quality of the food.  But, let’s face it. Both of these offer you diet foods and both are prepackaged meals.  Yes, both offer some very decent, comfort food type options like pizza, cake, macaroni and cheese, etc., so this alone puts them on a higher level than many diets. But, in terms of taste and food options, I find them to be very similar, especially since the company just introduced it’s new Nutrisystem Select (frozen) options, many of which are quite good, with some even being restaurant quality. And, they’ve just rolled out their new foods inspired by chiefs.

The bottom line for me is that there is not that huge or that discernible of a difference in the food quality for one to justify charging at least $ 100 per month more for their food plus their membership / $ 1 per pound cost, but this is just my opinion.  And I may be a bit biased because I am on the other alternative and have had a decent amount of success on it.

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